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EZ-Crank Top-Wind Adapter

Specifically crafted for top-wind trailer jacks, the EZ-Crank Top-Wind Adapter accommodates either a 9/16″ or 3/4″ handle stud.



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EZ-Crank Top-Wind Adapter

***This product is exclusively compatible with the Original EZ-Crank Adapter; it cannot function independently. Specifically crafted for top-wind jacks, it accommodates either a 9/16″ or 3/4″ handle stud.***

If you’re curious about why this adapter is available for separate purchase, it’s because many of our customers, both individuals and businesses, own multiple trailers. Therefore, you can equip each of your trailers with its own top-wind adapter while only requiring a single Original EZ-Crank adapter to control them all.


  1. Begin with your trailer jack on the ground.
  2. Remove the handle from your trailer jack and place the EZ-Crank top-wind adapter on the handle stud and secure with supplied nut and bolt. (Adapter diameter openings 9/16″ and 3/4″)
  3. Insert and secure the EZ-Crank adapter into your 1/2″ cordless power drill. (We do not recommend using an impact drill)
  4. Connect EZ-Crank adapter to the top-wind jack adapter with the supplied cotterless pin, then raise and lower your trailer with the power drill.

***For your safety, only use the EZ-Crank Top-Wind Adapter with an empty trailer. For use with cordless drill. Do not use an impact drill.***

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